On the Occasion of the 4th International and 23rd National Conference on Environmental Health


Since 1995, the Iranian Association of Environmental Health (IAEH), in collaboration with the Universities of Medical Sciences, has held “National Conference on Environmental Health” every year in Iran. The latest scientific and research achievements of environmental health are presented in the conference, which over the years have attracted many students, experts and those involved in administrative affairs. A wide range of topics including water and water pollution control, air pollution, waste management, burden of disease and environmental impact assessment, are subject of discussions during these scientific events. Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) was the host of 1st International Conference on Environmental Health in 2016. Now in 2021, Yazd University of Medical Sciences will be hosting the 23rd annual conference which is going to be held with the 4th international conference on environmental health, 2-4 March 2021, virtually.

As we all know, the world has been plagued by the Corona epidemic since early 2020, which has continued so far. In the prevention and control of this deadly disease, environmental health has played a very vital and important role, which should be especially mentioned in this conference.

According to the scientific studies, it has been proven that about a quarter of diseases are of environmental origin and there are many environmental risk factors in this field. Therefore, it seems necessary to achieve success in controlling these diseases by exchanging experiences and information on important environmental health issues in this conference.

  1. The Role of Environmental Health in Epidemics Prevention and Control (with emphasis on COVID-19)
  2. Burden of Diseases Assessment Caused by Environmental Risk Factors
  3. Environmental Health; Past, Present and Future
  4. Environmental Health; Public education and Social Responsibility
  5. Environmental Health Indicators
  6. Entrepreneurship and Commercialization of Services in Environmental Health
  7. Environmental Pollution Control New Technologies
  8. Environmental Pollutants Biomonitoring

In this way, we invite all researchers, scholars and students to join us in the fields related to the conference by submitting an article and participating in the conference.